TOPTEXTILE brands, design comes from life,looking into the world and having a comprehensive stylistic vision, as well as from the society and the observation of today’s female - in different roles and at different moments of the day –exploring them with an unconventional spirit and contemporary aesthetics.


This design never loses track of the research into new raw materials, which in turn follows keywords such as functionality, durability of the garment, ease of use and maintenance. Complementing our focus on design is our continuous commitment to implementing manufacturing methods- less impact on environment.







Along with our own brand, TOPTEXTILE has own in-house Design Technical Department geared to assist customers in the design and construction phase. We are also able to assist with complete design suggestions for highly marketable garments in line with current trends. The group is designing garments demanded by the modern consumers that are aware of the fashion trends and is looking for affordable ways to express their style through the way they dress.


We also pay especially attention to the consumption of the modern women who is responsible for a considerable part of the normal day life garment purchase. When designing we take into consideration that most people are not built like fashion models. Our designs are intended for real people that want to look their best. Clients are welcome to visit our show room to get a first hand impression of our design and discuss how we can assist with future production designs.


Whether we work with clients’ designs or our original designs we always have the production costs in mind. This is also why we have put a lot of effort into being able to provide our customers at very competitive prices.









We did it !Innovation,Perfect Expression, Versatility, Textures & Embellishments, Exquisite fabrics, Seamless Production, Down to the last detail. 


我们做到了! 创新, 完美的演绎,通用款, 纹理和装饰,精致的面料,无缝生产,精工细作。