Social commitment


TOPTEXTILE aims at all times to combine economic growth with social commitment, competitiveness, care for the environment, business and ethics. The people – their moral values, daily input and desire to look to the future and be the best – are central to every plan the Group makes and action it takes. Step by step, they are increasingly involved in – and responsible for – a range of issues including identifying areas of excellence as well as areas of possible improvement.

We are deeply committed to Social Compliance – the well-being, job satisfaction and safety of our team of management, designers, technological experts and textile and apparel producers. Our team enjoys their partnership in our culture of excellence and creativity.


We pride ourselves on our healthy and safe working environment, along with our dedication to fair compensation and all required benefits for TT employees at every level.




我们坚定地致力于社会合规- 我们的管理团队、设计师、技术专家和纺织服装生产商的福利、工作满意度和安全。我们的团队在公司崇尚卓越和创造力文化中,分享着和客户比肩合作关系。