At a glance

Design by Design

In an increasingly complex and demanding apparel market, we at TT are more than just a full-service manufacturing company. We are also more than the top quality garment and textile manufacturer around the globe, assisting our international customer family with fashion trend support and product development that is second to none.

We are the trusted manufacturing arm of your company. We fulfill your current need, foresee your future need - and help strengthen your brand with our proactive management of your designs, orders, concerns, timelines and budgets.

 Our Customers Say it All

Resourceful, original, committed to quality, seasoned, detail-oriented and known for our unique applications of cutting-edge production technology, we have enjoyed steady growth over the past 12 years….trusted by global brands such as Guess, Nordstorm, BeBe,Kohl's, Macy's, Maurices, JC Penny, Sears and Charlotte, to name just a few.

 Specializing in expert fabric and trim development, we blend innovation with consistent excellence, and out-of-the-box creative solutions with 24/7 reliability.

 Located right in the Yangze River delta, our extensive property is home to apparel production floors, technology rooms, fabric, color, product testing and inspection areas  - and meeting rooms where our team over 200 plans and produces.






资源丰富、独创、致力于质量、经验丰富、注重细节,并以我们独特的尖端生产技术应用而闻名,在过去12年中,我们稳步增长……受到全球品牌的信赖,合作的品牌商Guess、Nordstorm、BeBe、Kohl's、Macy's、Maurices、JC Penny、Sears和Charlotte等等。