Production (OEM +ODM)



Versatile Production.

Progressive Technology.  

Tailored to your needs. 


We are perfectionists who are passionate about textile and apparel production – and uniquely progressive in our approach. Our exceptional think tank strives to meet every possible need, and all orders are met through carefully tailored methods that maximize efficiency, seamless production and superb quality.


We enjoy our creative collaboration with our brand partners, bringing new trends vividly to life…..perfectly, precisely fashioned from seam to trim.


Seasoned, dynamic project management: All production patterns are fashioned in group technical department, followed by meticulous apparel production and the strictest quality control.


Comprehensive project management.

And a central part of your team.


The group seasoned leadership group and strong management support are always available to respond to any inquiry from fabric and trim sourcing and development to production.


Our clients enjoy a seamless working relationship, where they feel – and we know - that we are an engaged, integral part of their company. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our broad range of fabric colors are generated with an expert’s eye and the most precise technology.


We offer choice selections for every garment in our Fabric and Trim Library. And what we don’t have, we create.